Finally, we have our trip to Italy planned and as I prepare to visit Milan, Florence, Venice and Rome in Fall 2012, I thought it would be great to learn to speak a bit of lovely Italian. Conrad lived in Italy for over twenty years and has been teaching me what I really need to know— the swear words. I do need to expand my vocabulary so he lent me a book that helped him learn the language, “Come Si Chiama” (“What’s What”), a 350 page wonder filled with every object, planet, animal, appliance, outfit, and sport meticulously labelled in Italian and English. At first I was overwhelmed (porca vacca)! Then I came across page 141, entitled “La Tipografia” — a subject I love! Here it was— a 1984 diagram with the detailed anatomy of letterforms. The black & white illustration was a bit dated for my tastes so in the spirit of learning a new language and creating a fun visual, here is my interpretation of typography: italian style. Arrivederci!