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Vintage Town+Country Images collaged on tags and hung on gold tree


I created the tags on this gold tree from vintage 1946 Town & Country magazines I purchased at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I was intrigued by these glamorous, socialite women modeling furs, dresses and jewelry of the era. The opulence of the outfits and the hollywood-esque photography inspired me to create a few gift tags with some of the images. Five tags turned into ten, then twenty. A tree branch mounted into a discarded log from my yard, and spray painted gold completed the display. The finished project measures 28 inches high x 24 inches wide. It has become an impressive focal point in my art studio.

What made this project especially interesting was as I looked through these magazines, I discovered a historical, visual catalogue of style in postwar America. World War II had just ended and here was an elite magazine catering to wealthy women, all eager to be new and beautiful. Page after page showcases air travel, cars, boats, gin, perfume, makeup and of course fashion. Even the copywriting is full of spring & promise — “… new length, new sleeves, new collar and in the new again silky flat fur … fabulous!”

My small collages were created by clipping out the women and adhering them with glue to kraft paper tags, smudging rubber stamp ink and acrylic paint along the edges and background. I embellished the images with vintage buttons, paper flowers, tinsel, vintage rick rack, scraps of paper, tickets, small beads and paper butterflies. All the tags were finished with glitter and scrap ribbon. The seasons are consistently referenced in the ads and so the branches, with the tags tied to it, made the perfect presentation.


night gardens march 6 2015


Here is one of my newest collages — assembled from assorted pages from an old map book and random images from some magazines.

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Last Saturday, a free summer afternoon and my raw, creative energy inspired me to revisit these dream jar assemblages. Small collages I created and printed on card stock are inserted into the center of the jar. Moss, beads, rhinestones, charms, flowers and sequin birds embellish the cards; it’s a very spontaneous, random process. Lids are colored with paint, wrapped in vintage trims and rickrack or layered with an assortment of fabric flowers and wine corks. What began as a plain store-bought jar is now transformed into a imaginative little glass composition filled with paper, beads and glitter. Now my shelves are filled with eye candy and I cannot wait to create more! Enjoy!

shred. tape. rip. cut. stamp. glue. assemble. smile. it was a good late afternoon.

Old catalogs given to me became this collage — pieces of images and type created the textured, abstract background, then I painted over it and dressed with a layer of glitter. Little buttons add a statement and finish the collage. Created last weekend when I had a brief break! The deer is from my vintage illustration collection.

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